Magic Lunchbox's

Feeding Dorset’s Workforce

Get all the energy need in a single box

Keeping you fuelled for the rest of the day

When it comes to performing any action that demands our involvement, physical or mental, we require energy. In order to obtain enough of that, we need to take in nutritious food. Most people stick to sandwiches for their work lunch, but the fact remains that sandwiches rarely provide workers with enough nutrition to keep them alert and efficient throughout the day.

Molecular Magic offers an incredible solution that will keep you nourished for the entire duration of your work day. The idea came from our head, when he started providing his wife with packed lunches that would slowly release energy as she ate it at work. A fantastic alternative to sandwiches, this solution soon proved to be a very efficient way of doing things, and the packed lunches quickly stood out among her co-workers.

Thus, ‘Magic Lunchboxes’ were born. Crafted from some of the finest ingredients on the market, they are made specifically with optimal nutrition in mind. Whether you’re in the mood for something traditional or avant-garde, you can be sure that with a Magic Lunchbox, you’ll receive a wholesome meal that will keep you going for many hours.

Available in Dorset and Hampshire, Magi Lunchboxes are one of the most efficient and delicious means to keep you going throughout the work day. Contact us now and subscribe to Magic Lunchboxes today – you definitely won’t regret it!